Ton That Dam Hotel




3000 sqm


Saigon, District 1

Renovating a traditional hotel in Ton That Dam (District 1) into an open accommodation space, connecting people and the inherent cultural beauty of the old market. The challenge is how to create a new hotel space, but still retain the elements that create special value for the M Village brand: Connectivity-Modern. The inspiration started from this hotel, located in an old market, bold culture, subtly the old beauty of Saigon. To balance the beauty of that traditional market in the design, but still keep it modern - simply, the details placed in the design of the space and interior become extremely important. In the communal kitchen and dining area, the main highlight is the lamp shade stylized from the image of trolleys and street vendors often seen in traditional market in the past. The triangular roof is made of rough fabric, stretched flat to make the light clearer and softer. In addition, in order to keep the connection, the kitchen table is wider than usual designed for the kitchens, ovens, sinks... located on both sides to make it convenient for residents and visitors as well as creating spirit of connection, gathering around a flea market with sellers, buyers, and commuters looking at and considering "what to buy/eat today?" On the ground floor, the main lobby is divided into three interconnected parts: reception - waiting area, relaxation and co-working space. The large glass frames are utilized to let in natural light, creating a lot of opening space. The modern black wooden walls in the main hall, make the atmosphere quiet, slow down a bit, contrasting with the hustle and bustle of the outside, at the same time they’re likely backgrounds for vivid and colorful of the Flea Market area is reflected in the impressive color distribution of large paintings, creating contrast and attracting anyone's eyes when they step in immediatly.

August 22, 2023
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