From the desire to create a professional design-and-build company to satisfy requirements of Vietnam’s international integration, BODC was established by Mr. Nguyen Uy Vien, the architect who has more than 10 years of experience in the field of design and design management for projects of many types: Hospitality, residence, food & beverage, retails, entertainment, etc.

The company currently operates with in total 10 architects, designers, technical draftsman and expertise associates in the field of structural, electrical engineering, project management, etc.

With our own experience and close cooperation with our associates, BODC is confident to bring success to our clients.


We desire to bring comfort, reliability to clients by highest expertness quality of design and build.

Creation was always our forefront element at BODC to create new experiences for each project.

Harmony with the local landscape, environmental sustainability and indigenous knowledge of the project area are always emphasized in our designs.